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Advanced Hosted Solutions, 4 to 4,000 Users, Multiple Locations
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Installed and Supported Anywhere in the USA and Most of Canada

For offices and commercial use, a hosted VoIP solution for telephone service have become a viable competitor to traditional PBX systems. We are pleased to offer services from both NEC Blue and NexMatrix in this field to our customer base across Portland, Northern Oregon, Salem, Eugene and Vancouver.

All Hosted VoIP solution services bring a number of potential advantages and savings to your business.

Cost and Scalability. Hosted VoIP services are often cheaper than traditional phone systems, often half or less per line or user, and have easier and cheaper scaling as modifying services and adding or removing lines is done by software on the hosted server, and can easily handle multiple locations.

No Costly On Premise Equipment. Without the need to pay for and maintain an on-site PBX, up front costs are often significantly lower for a VoIP system.

Cloud Based Security. As the server is not hosted on-site, your phone system and information is secured, backed up, and protected against disasters via multiple redundant servers.

Ease of Administration. If you have in-house IT, many VoIP solutions allow their clients to control user access and administration themselves through a web GUI, making these systems cheaper and simpler to maintain long term.

24-7 Support. VoIP hosting companies maintain call centers around the clock to help assist with customer issues.

However, there are some considerations to take into account, especially for more remote locations.

Internet Reliant. If you are located in a more remote location and have limited internet speeds or unreliable service, VoIP might not be the best solution as it will not function without an internet connection.

Networking Costs. If you do not already have the infrastructure in place for a high speed office network, VoIP phones may require an investment in modern switches and cabling as they require the same basic infrastructure in place as a computer network would. Fortunately, we can also help with any router, switch, or cabling installations necessary and the long term savings may easily pay for the upgrade.

Power or Internet Outages. All internet equipment requires power and access to the internet to function, so in the event of a disaster or disrupted service, VoIP lines may become nonfunctional. While risks can be mitigated with battery backups or on-site generators, neither would be of any use in the event of a wide spread internet outage. Thus it may be wise to consider retaining at least one traditional voice line to supplement a VoIP system for businesses that require absolute assurance of 100% up-time.

Even with the potential drawbacks, more and more clients are moving to a Hosted VoIP Solution telephone system for their business needs. One cannot discount the cost savings.

Hosted VoIP solution from Advanced Communications Services, Inc. in Portland, OR.

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