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When the needs of your business change, your cabling needs to adapt as well. Moving or expanding an office? Changing a floor plan? Shifting personnel to different parts of the office space? All of these situations require changing cabling, which can be a significant hassle. Even moving a cubicle can give you serious headaches once you start trying to unravel the cabling and figure out what goes where.

A professionally installed structured cabling system can make such changes much easier. Structured cabling is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to make changes to your communications and network systems. Data adds, network expansions, VoIP changes – the right cabling strategy can make all these tasks much easier.

We are your resource for professional network cabling services. Our team can handle all your cabling needs, including installing Category 5E, Category 6/6A, and OM3/OM4 fiber optics, as well as Coaxial RG-6, RG-11, and more.
If you have questions or need to solve cabling issues, please contact us. We are standing by to assist you.

Cabling Categories

Category 5/5E Cabling

This is the most economical structured wiring solution available. Category 5/5E systems support IEEE 802.3, 100 Base-T, and similar legacy LAN and voice applications. The systems we install meet and often exceed industry standards, including TIA 568B.2 and ISO 11801 for Category 5E/Class D cabling systems. They should also be capable of performing beyond the expected 100 MHz.

Category 6/6A Cabling

The current industry standard is 6/6A cabling. They offer more bandwidth than Category 5/5E cabling which makes them ideal for increased file transfer speeds, larger packets, and more advanced applications. This category of cabling systems supports IEEE 802.3 1000-Base-T, TIA-854-A 1000-Base-TX, ATM Forum CBIG along with other common legacy LAN and telephony systems.

Our 6/6A data cabling systems always meet or exceed Category 6/Class E Channel Specifications to 250 MHz. They can handle speeds of 1.2 Gbps or more to workstations at 100 meters. They also offer strong protection against alien crosstalk and EMI – problems common in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Category 6E/10X Systems

This is the premium option and therefore the most expensive. The copper systems of 6E/10X are ideal if you want to future-proof your system for demanding applications. They support IEEE 802.3 10G-Base-T, 1000-Base-T TIA-854-A 100-Base-TX, ATM Forum CB1G, and channel specifications to 500 MHz.

One of the benefits of Category 6E/10X is that it’s backward compatible. It will exceed the needs of your current applications and be ready for whatever comes next.

Additional Cabling Services

Fiber Optic Cabling

OMe/OM4 Multi-mode fiber and OS1 Single-mode fiber optic systems can support fiber-to-the-desktop, multi-story, and high-rise buildings, network and backbone distributions, and more.

Voice Cabling

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems are relatively inexpensive to install, are scalable, and offer numerous features that old phone lines don’t. We can future proof your system so your voice network serves your business needs now and into the future.

Paging Systems

Our paging systems installation services ensure reliable paging options no matter the size of your location. IP paging systems are also available to increase the functionality of your communications options, including integration with surveillance, mass notifications, and more.

Data Centers

Structured cabling is a necessity for data centers. Our team can design the cabling system for your data center, install it, and maintain it. Ensure maximum uptime, reduce your cabling footprint, and significantly increase scalability.


Coaxial cabling can still serve as the backbone for some structured cabling systems, or work in tandem with fiber optic cabling installations. Depending on your applications, coax may be a necessity.


Conduits provide safe pathways for cabling to travel through. They can be used for horizontal and backbone cabling.

Basket Tray / Ladder Rack

Basket trays and ladder racks provide physical support and structure for cabling systems.

Wireless/ In-Building Wireless

We can conduct a wireless assessment of your location and provide installation and support for your wireless network.

Structured Cabling Applications

Audio Visual

Teleconferencing, digital displays, projection systems – whatever your A/V needs, we can design a structured cabling system to meet them.

Security Integration

A well-designed structured cabling solution can integrate seamlessly with modern security systems.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmits power as well as data over an ethernet cable. It can allow you to deploy devices requiring power in locations lacking electricity.

Lighting, Wireless and Other Services

Wireless networks are being utilized in more and more systems, including lighting, allowing for centralized control and flexibility. We can install systems to support wireless lighting and a variety of other new technologies.

Distributed Antenna Systems

DASs can significantly increase wireless coverage throughout your location. As part of our wireless assessment, we can determine if you can benefit from DASs.

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