It’s time to plan an infrastructure build-out for your new office. How should you proceed? The first necessary order of business is to analyze your infrastructure needs. Unique hardware and network configurations should be tailored specifically to fit your software use! Optimizing your network to meet present and future needs paves the road to success. A detailed outline of your IT needs should be drawn up.

1. Analyzing your Overall Computer Network System Needs

  • What types of network hardware, such as computers, printers, and workstations, will be needed?
  • How will the network be configured physically? Will there be a secure, safe server area?
  • The type of network is important also. There are advantages to completely wired systems, in terms of speed, security, and reliability of equipment. But the Ethernet cables themselves may be bulky and create clutter without creative cable management.
  • A wireless system can minimize clutter and permit users to roam, with little or no loss of performance.
  • Of course, as most companies do nowadays, you may opt for a hybrid system, a favorable combination of these two types. In that case, wireless needs should be detailed. (See below.)

2. Figuring Out What Your Wireless Needs Will Be 

Wireless is everywhere these days. Options run from bare-bones connections to elaborate coverage. What do you need to know?

  • You must know what your bandwidth requirements will be.
  • You should know what types of security measures will be optimal.
  • Access points and coverage are important considerations for Wi-Fi networks.
  • Will VPNs for remote access be necessary?
  • What about guest requirements?
  • Can incorporating the IoT concept help create more convenient and efficient integrated control of your office environment?

3. Creating a Unified Communications Plan

An infrastructure build-out is a great time to optimize communications with employees, customers, and guests. Many types of communications systems and features are available:

  • Business telephone systems such as on-premise PBX, hosted PBX, or hosted VoIP with numerous customizable features.
  • Public Address, Employee Communication, Telephone paging options

4. Addressing Security Needs

Whatever your business, appropriate security measures keep it yours:

  • State-of-the-art security for your physical business premises and network is absolutely essential.
  • This includes premises security, network software security protocols, and data retention measures.
  • Most companies have absolutely essential data which must be backed up, either in-house or by utilizing cloud resources.
  • Employee education and authentication protocols are vital in keeping infrastructure secure.
  • Security monitoring should be continuous, utilizing the best in technology.

Advanced Communications Services: Your Network Experts

Yes, an infrastructure build-out is a major endeavor! But the Advanced Communications Services professionals are experts at all aspects and phases of this process, including communications and system and premises security. Contact the Advanced Communications Services pros today to optimize your system infrastructure for your unique company needs!




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