Best Practices for Installing VoIP Phone Systems for Your Business

VoIP phone systems are very popular for business looking to replace their aging analog or digital phone systems. Support and parts are sometimes hard to find, and repair costs are rising. Businesses look to VoIP for a cost-effective upgrade. The experts at Advanced Communications Services, Inc. in Portland, Oregon have some recommendations to assure a successful upgrade. These recommendations are for VoIP installations with 6 or more phones.

Upgrade You Cabling

Upgrade your cabling if considering VoIP. If your data network cables were installed many years ago you need to strongly consider running new cables.

Have Dedicated Cabling

Have dedicated cabling from the router/POE switch back to each phone. You do not want cabling runs that are split by another switch. Cabling runs that are split are susceptible to failure.

Separate Voice and Data

Set up a separate voice network. Modern routers easily can configure two separate networks, one for voice and the second for data. You can use one internet connection and separate voice and data at the router.

Negotiate Faster Internet

Negotiate faster from your internet service supplier. 100/20MB should be the minimum speed, 200/20MB is recommended. If you receive your internet from a telco you can negotiate faster speeds, sometimes at a lower cost. Internet service pricing is not regulated like phone service so the telco can be flexible. This also applies to cable companies.

Our next blog post will cover SIP trunks and porting your phone number from your existing service provider.

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