Office Alarm Systems – The latest FBI statistics show more than one million burglaries occur in the United States each year. Employee theft is estimated to cost U.S. businesses $50 billion annually. Mass shootings in public venues are on the rise. Phony accident claims have become an everyday occurrence. The question is: how can we make our workplaces more safe and secure?

Install a Monitored Alarm System  

An office alarm system increases security. By alarm system, we mean a  monitored alarm system, monitored by experienced professionals 24 hours a day. Security patrols help, but security patrols can’t be everywhere at once. If you plan, use the right technology, and place your equipment properly, utilizing expert advice, your office alarm system can be!

Video Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance Cameras are a vital security measure necessary to adequately protect your property. Video surveillance cameras can be set up to permit remote monitoring access at all times and from any location.

Video evidence becomes your best witness in any court of law. The camera system doesn’t lie, forget, or sleep! It gives you vital information about any intruder. Video surveillance systems also cut employee theft, and help enforce employee policies and behavior.

Entry Access Systems – Office Alarm Systems

An entry access system should be part of your security plan. Mass shootings happen in private offices as well as malls, schools, and other public places. Access to private offices should be secured, always. Controlling access can help save lives and preserve property.

Consider a two-way intercom system for your office. These systems give you rapid communication with employees and customers in any emergency, when you need it most. The systems are also great for normal, everyday communication events.

Secure the Perimeter!

Finally, alarm systems can protect the perimeter of your office or warehouse. Bright lighting, sufficient surveillance cameras, and sensors, when appropriate, will deter the bad guys. They, like most of us, know that a great percentage of perpetrators these days are caught when they show up on someone’s security camera.

Comprehensive Security Planning

A comprehensive network of security planning is the pathway to better office security. Control access, utilize video surveillance, and get the best in monitored alarm systems. Increased office security decreases crime and business losses. And don’t forget that the parking lot and outer perimeters of your business should be considered a vital part of your office. They are the first places criminals check for vulnerabilities, but they can also be the first places you spot criminals!

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