Improve Commercial Building Security

Castles with moats around them once kept unwanted intruders out. That was long ago, but marauders and invaders still roam! Police forces and high-quality locks on doors protect us now, but that’s often just not enough. Here are some absolutely necessary measures we recommend to improve commercial building security:

Install a Monitored Alarm System

There is no acceptable substitute for a monitored alarm system in today’s world. An alarm system guards your commercial building 24/7/365. Unlike a security patrol, it protects all areas at once. Response to a monitored system is rapid and forceful. A system can alert authorities, owners, and management/security of any intrusion instantly.

Install Door Entry Access Systems and Intercoms

An entry access system may be the most important security protection measure you can take. Too many times, armed intruders gain access to commercial buildings with weapons, leading to injuries and even loss of life.

Employees and customers must be provided with as much protection as practically possible. On top of securing your commercial property from intruders and unauthorized access, an entry access system can be used to limit access to specific areas or rooms, for internal security and theft control.

A two-way intercom system lets you communicate with your employees singly, in groups, or as a whole. Information can be passed quickly and effectively, which is absolutely essential in emergencies. A two-way intercom system can give service and information to customers without your representative being in the same area, if necessary.

Install Video Surveillance CamerasImprove Commercial Building Security

Installing Video Surveillance Cameras is another vital security measure you should take. Even when you have controlled door access, you can never be sure that the person using the entry key card is the authorized person without visual confirmation. Employee fraud, one punching in for another, happens all the time. And security cards can get misplaced or lost.

The video surveillance cameras can be set up so you or any authorized personnel have monitoring access at all times. In this way, you can keep an eye on your commercial property whenever desired, from wherever you are.

And, if any incident occurs, your camera system video is the best possible witness for legal proceedings. The camera system doesn’t lie, forget, or sleep! It protects your property 24/7.

Analog CCTV

The best option for a surveillance system is state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and video. But, even though analog CCTV operates at lower frames per second, with reduced clarity, it is still much better than no surveillance equipment at all. For those dealing with a lower budget, it is a viable option.

Warning Intruders!

Why warn intruders? They are looking for easy pickings, that’s why. When an intruder sees signs detailing the fact that you protect your property with security cameras, alarms, and controlled access, they often move on to find a more vulnerable target!

So, yes, warn them that their unauthorized entry or plans for burglary will meet stiff resistance here and result in jail time! It’s great if they spot a strategically placed camera or two. They can never be sure they see them all. It’s widely known that surveillance cameras create a much higher probability that criminals will be identified, caught, and prosecuted. Plus, the alarms signal a rapid and forceful response!

Parking Lot Security: Securing the Perimeter

Finally, most businesses don’t begin inside the building. They have parking areas or outer perimeters that extend beyond the walls. It’s important that your customers and employees have safe entry and exit from your premises. Sufficient lighting, surveillance cameras, and sensors, when appropriate, will help keep your parking area safe for everyone. They will also help identify suspicious characters who may repeatedly visit your property to check it out or attempt vandalism or car theft outside.

Security Planning

No one method of securing your property is sufficient. You need a comprehensive network of security measures to be secure. Consulting professionals is often the smartest move. Video surveillance, a monitored alarm system, and controlled access are vital pieces of the security plan. Advertising your security measures often sends criminals elsewhere! And perimeter, parking, and outside area control let your employees and customers arrive and depart safely. A comprehensive security plan is the best way to improve commercial building security!

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