What’s the Best Residential Wi-Fi Solution for Work at Home? – Part #2

How fast does my cable modem need to be?

The cable modem needs to be fast enough for your specific needs. Those will be different, depending on whether you use the computer for gaming, streaming movies, conference calls, or whatever. Your cable modem should ideally at least match the speed your ISP provides. It won’t go any faster than that, no matter how fast it is.

How much bandwidth do I need?

You get a fixed amount of bandwidth from your ISP, depending on what you pay for. Perhaps the easiest way to think about bandwidth is using the metaphor of a highway. Your speed is the speed limit on the highway, expressed usually in bits or megabits per second. Your bandwidth is the number of lanes the highway has. So, the more activities and users in the household, the greater the bandwidth needs. In many areas your ISP has new offerings that are higher speed and often for less money.

Will my TV streaming service be impacted?

If an accurate estimate is made of your bandwidth and speed needs, and the proper equipment is installed to meet them, your TV streaming service should work just fine. The key is making sure your system has sufficient bandwidth and speed for your typical activities.

What about bandwidth utilization restrictions? Will my internet provider throttle me or charge me extra in data usage?

This all depends upon your contract. Internet Service Providers sometimes throttle bandwidth to ease congestion or even as an incentive for the customer to obtain a service with higher bandwidth limits. A speed test will let you know if your bandwidth is being throttled, and you should be aware of any caps your ISP places on bandwidth or data usage.

Computer Needs

It almost goes without saying that you need good security on your computer and advanced technology there, as well. Regular updating and security scans are important. Cameras for conference calls offer advanced business technology, but come with some security risks, as well. It should be obvious by now that there’s a lot to consider for the optimal home business setup. As in so many areas, it’s best to consult the experts. Advanced Communications Services has the expertise and knowledge to examine your particular situation, in consultation with you, offer the available options, and help you make the best choices for your individual needs.

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