Card Readers and Keypads  

It’s a scenario we hear on the news all too often these days. A business owner or employee looks up and a stranger is standing in their office with a weapon. In a world where security concerns have become paramount for us all, it’s become necessary to control business workplace access. Private employee areas certainly should be secured. Card readers and keypads can help ensure workplace security. How do these systems work?

Access Systems

Access systems using card readers and keypads restore workplace access control to the owner. There are many options available. The systems have LED Reader Status Indicators and tamper-resistant alarms. They come with the standard keypad or proximity options. These systems support Mifare Cards and utilize RS-485 and Wiegand protocols. Vandal-proof construction is available. Hikvision proximity cards set the standard for contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Pyramid readers give an effective range of up to 8″. For even greater security, models with multiple authentication modes which include both card and fingerprint identification are also available, with 5000 fingerprint capacity. These systems all work to secure offices, warehouses, manufacturing, or any other areas where safety and security are vital.

Security with Advanced Communications Services, Inc.

With one of these access systems your workplace control is greatly increased. But access control, while vital, is only part of a complete security system. Complete alarm systems are installed and serviced by Advanced Communications Services as well. These alarm systems can keep your business under surveillance 24/7 and alert you to problems in real time, with police notification if necessary. They feature the finest equipment, manufactured by industry leaders such as GE and Honeywell. Many Pacific Northwest companies, including national franchises such as Five Guys and Stackhouse Athletic, utilize these services. When it comes to communications systems, cabling, or security, Advanced Communications Services is the industry leader, with unmatched service, support, and pricing. Contact Advanced Communications Services today for any communications and/or security needs!

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