Is it Practical to Use CAT 6 Cabling?

Data volume has seen a significant amount of growth over the last decade. There has also been a surge in processing capacity with various systems in commercial properties. Experts predict that the transfer and production in information is going to quadruple within the next five to ten years. What this means is that businesses will need to upgrade equipment, cables, and facilities to accommodate the rise in data. That is why CAT 6 cabling is required.

CAT 5 Cabling is Not Enough

CAT 5 cabling used to be the standard for transmitting 1,000 megabits of data per second across the Ethernet network. While this may have been effective for a while, the amount of data needed to transfer at high speeds has turned into 10,000 megabits per second. CAT 5 cabling does not have the capacity to handle the data load. This why CAT 6 cabling was developed. It can handle next-level data transfers with efficiency and relative ease. Companies are already replacing the old CAT 5s with CAT 6 cables to keep productivity flowing seamlessly. The good news is that CAT 6 cables are compatible with CAT 5s so that companies can make the switch slowly as the need arises.

Preparing for the Future with CAT 6 Cabling

CAT 6 cables are built with the future in mind. They ensure that your current system will be relevant as the technology progresses forward. Users can adapt to all modifications, updated features, or developments in machinery and equipment by simply adopting the new cabling. Companies that require sufficient bandwidth can depend on CAT 6 cabling as the adjustments are made in the entire network. Developers have already anticipated the need for greater data transference as the Internet and communication systems continues to grow and become more complex. CAT 6 cables can accommodate premium video streams, online applications, and media-driven portals worldwide.

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