When Should You Use Fiber Optic Cabling in Your Network Installations?

The neural network of communications across the globe was built with tried-and-true copper. However, from thick transmission lines down to the slender wires plugged into your phones, the electric exchange of voice and data has reached its capacity. As the internet escalates in value to business enterprises, how do you know when it’s time to make the switch to fiber optic?

When You Need Speed for Many Devices

With copper, you can pay top dollar for more cables to achieve extremely high speeds. With fiber, high speeds are inherent in the technology. Because data signals move at the speed of light through hair-width strands and are indifferent to burgeoning use by other customers, you get crazy speed right out of the gate. Plus, with fiber, you can upload and download at the same speed and enjoy greater bandwidth to which you can add a multitude of computers, tablets, phones, printers, point of sale machines and anything that utilizes your network.

When Network Security is Your Top Priority

Let’s admit it, if you trade in very sensitive information (think banking and medical records), sophisticated criminals can tap your copper lines and breach your security. With fiber optic cabling, any effort to surreptitiously break in through your lines will be detected instantly because your line would go down. The thieves would walk away empty-handed.

When Your Cables Are Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Interference

Outside electrical activity can interfere with your communications. Even a large solar flare can disrupt transmissions when the electromagnetic pulse scrambles the signals moving over copper wires. However, fiber optics, comprised of glass, are immune. Manufacturing plants can benefit greatly from fiber cables that serve areas housing high-voltage machinery.

When You Want to Spend Nothing on Future Fiber Optic Upgrades

Whether you plan to grow and add more users, devices and locations, or not, once you make the leap to fiber, having some extra lines installed is a cost-effective way to prepare for future expansion. Because fiber can carry so much more data than copper, the added lines at today’s dollars will set you up for painless growth in the decades to come.

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