Installing security cameras is one of the smartest possible moves your company can make. Security cameras don’t go home, rest, or sleep. They watch your business 24 hours a day to help keep people and property safe.

Complete Security System Coverage

Many companies utilize security cameras not only on the outside and customer areas but in all parts of their business. This helps preserve inventory, ensure employee compliance to company policies, and limit liability, in many cases, for the owner. Security camera systems nowadays can be viewed from any portable device, even when you’re across the country, and alert you of unexpected events in real-time.

Numerous Features

The many features available for your security camera system include:

  • High Definition Camera Systems
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Remote Access and Viewing from your Phone or Personal Computer!
  • Fully Digital IP Camera Systems
  • Crystal-Clear Video Surveillance
  • 180 to 360 Scan Dome Cameras
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Night View Camera Surveillance
  • IP Video Servers

But that’s not all the advanced technologies that are now available. A security camera system can help control access to your business. Some security cameras can provide a panoramic view. Technology is available to recognize license plate numbers or particular faces. If you have a special surveillance need, the advanced HikVision security technology can handle it.

Crime Deterrence

Security camera systems deter criminals. The mere realization that your business is covered by adequate security surveillance often makes criminals turn away, to find easier pickings. Security camera systems also help solve crimes. One problem law enforcement officers run into investigating crimes is the lack of hard evidence. Eyewitnesses, many times, are not objective, not reliable, or are completely absent. Security cameras are often the best, and many times the only, witnesses to criminal misbehavior.

One-Stop Security

Making your business secure, inside and out, has never been easier. Installing security cameras and comprehensive security systems in the entire Portland, Oregon, area for decades, Advanced Communications Services makes the installation process quick, easy, and painless. Contact Advanced Communications Services today to protect your business!

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