Making moves, adds, or changes?  

 Is something changing in your business world? The speed of change has accelerated tremendously in modern times. If you’d lived in 1900, you likely wouldn’t have had electricity, maybe not even indoor plumbing. Certainly not air conditioning: No TV, no computer, no radio, no automobile. Odds are, something is changing in your business environment right this minute. At Advanced Communications Services, Inc. we help you keep pace with those changes. Moves Adds Changes are our specialties!


Perhaps your business is expanding, relocating to different and better office space. Congratulations! At Advanced Communications Services we’re here to make that necessary transfer of communication equipment and technology as seamless and painless as possible. You can’t afford to be out of touch for long these days. We’re experienced in all aspects of relocation, from Cabling to PBX Hosting to VoIP. Call and schedule in advance for minimal disruption during your move.


Or perhaps you’re making personnel changes. We can get them set up with the latest and best communication technology and connect them to your business network. We can add or remove lines, install cable, make any necessary equipment changes, or troubleshoot problems. We specialize in efficiency and affordable options.


Perhaps it’s time to make changes in your communication network itself. Are you utilizing your communication system’s full capabilities? If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your system, upgrading may be the most efficient and technologically smart way to proceed. The latest technology can give you attractive and competitive options like VoIP, the newest PBX capabilities, or a combination of the best of both worlds.

Advanced Communications Services

Advanced Communications Services, Inc. is here to help as your company grows. We can keep your employees linked on mobile VoIP and/or PBX systems. We can show you how to utilize the full capabilities of your present communication system or install the latest technology for you. The world is changing rapidly, but the Advanced Communications Services commitment to customer service excellence remains steadfast. Moves adds changes? We’ve got you covered. Contact Advanced Communications Services today for any and all communication needs!

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