New Orlando Office for Business Phone Systems

Advanced Communications Services Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its new regional office in the Orlando, Florida, area. This office will continue the same tradition of service and product excellence the company has offered for many years in the Portland, Oregon, region. Advanced Communications Services, Inc. is a decades-old, reliable, established technological leader, with a track record of excellence in performance in all communications areas. One of the specialties of Advanced Communications Services is Business Phone System installation and service.

PBX Hosted Business Phone Systems

Two mainstream options for business phone systems exist these days, with advantages and disadvantages to each. The first type is the traditional on premise PBX system. This is the land line system many companies have relied on for years. These systems are cable based and not reliant on internet connections, which means they are not as susceptible to internet interruptions or power outages, although they are somewhat costlier to install and service. Advanced Communications Services Inc. now provides physical installation, configuration, and service for these systems in the Orlando, Florida, area. The NEC Business Phone Systems offer the finest in business phone system technology. NEC systems are tailored to fit your specific business needs.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP systems offer cost savings and scalability for the Orlando, Florida, area. These are systems which utilize an internet connection for your business phone system. These systems do not require expensive on premise equipment and permit user access control and administration through a web GUI. This means they are less expensive to run and maintain. They do require a high speed office network, and the reliance on the internet means they are more susceptible to interruption by power or internet outages. So, while many companies have switched to VoIP hosted systems, many also maintain at least a minimal number of traditional voice lines to ensure uninterrupted communications.

Advanced Communications Services Inc. of Orlando, Florida

Advanced Communications Services of Orlando, Florida, has decades of experience with installation and service of business phone systems. Our highly trained and licensed technicians will promptly and efficiently install and service your business phone network. Customer testimonials from national and local clients reflect the company commitment to both products and service. We welcome the opportunity to serve the Orlando, Florida, area. For more information and monthly specials, Orlando customers should contact us here!