New Orlando Office for National Accounts Subcontracting Services  

Advanced Communications Services, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of services to its new Orlando, Florida, Office. This expansion brings our decades of experience with a complete line of Subcontracting Services in Voice, Data Systems, and Security to Orlando and all surrounding Florida areas.

Voice Systems

Advanced Communications Services of Orlando, Florida, will offer the same complete line of Voice Communications Systems as the Portland, Oregon, office. These include on premise PBX solutions, for those who prefer traditional phone service, utilizing the industry “gold standard” of telephone business systems technology, NEC. Advanced Communications Services installs and supports VoIP systems as well. Many customers utilize both to take advantage of the greater reliability of cable systems and cost advantages of VoIP. Advanced Communications Services, Inc. provides system installation and configuration for the entire Orlando, Florida, area.

Data Systems

Advanced Communications Services offers installation of all types of voice and data cabling for networks, with a complete line of wireless networking products including the finest of Routers, Access Points, Client Bridges, and Adapters, for line-of-sight, point-to-point, and point-to-multi point networks. Highly trained and licensed technicians are current with all latest industry standards of the EIA/TIA and National Electric Code. Cabling system installation and service includes Voice, Data, Audio, Alarm, and Fiber cable systems.


Business security is not an option, but a necessity, in today’s world. Advanced Communications Systems of Orlando, Florida, offers a complete range of security products and services, including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and business access control. State of the art technology to control business access gives confidence the premises and surrounding areas are secure, while surveillance cameras promote employee productivity and compliance and permit both real-time on premise and remote monitoring. These alarm systems permit unexpected event management and immediate notification to owners and law enforcement of any security breach.

Advanced Communications Services Inc. in Orlando, Florida

This unique combined offering of security, data, and voice communications systems products and services now gives the Orlando, Florida, business customer an opportunity for greater convenience, service, and affordability with an established and nationally recognized leader in the communications field. Testimonials from satisfied local and national clients speak to the Advanced Communications Services dedication to both products and service. For more information on business telephone systems, cabling, data systems, or security, and a free site survey, Orlando customers may contact us here. We welcome this opportunity to serve the greater Orlando, Florida, area.