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Do you have a comprehensive security plan to keep your business safe? Often, the best way to begin is with an office security camera system. You can’t watch your workplace 24 hours a day, but your office security system can! US companies had over $50 billion in losses last year from employee theft alone! A comprehensive security plan should include evaluating all physical assets and computer security vulnerabilities, as well as providing employee security education for all possible scenarios, including emergencies.

Office Security Camera System security camera systems Video Surveillance Monitoring equipment from Advanced Communications Services, Inc. in Portland, OR.Multiple Office Security Camera System Uses

There are multiple uses for a high-technology office security camera system in Portland. Combining such a system with the other necessary elements of good security practice can make your place of business safer for everybody. Financial losses due to theft, inventory loss, or fraud can be prevented. An office security camera system can also help ensure that company procedures are followed and control access to the premises.

Access Control

Coupled with your security camera system, business access control is absolutely vital. We all know, sadly, from watching the news that it can save lives. Badge readers and door access systems can make sure only authorized personnel enter company warehouses or private areas. Sensors at all access points can control unauthorized access and theft and alert you immediately if someone attempts to breach the building or office area.

Outer Perimeter Coverage

Your office security camera systems in Portland can also assist in surveillance of the parking lot or outer perimeter. This helps protect against theft and vandalism. A surveillance camera system is usually the best witness to have when law enforcement prosecutes a criminal. Motion detectors can be installed in office areas or the outer perimeter, as well.

The Best Witness

No, you can’t be there watching 24 hours a day, but your office security camera system can be. And it doesn’t lie or forget anything. If images of criminal perpetrators breaching your perimeter are captured, you and the law enforcement agencies will have hard, reliable evidence. Your security system also enables remote viewing any time, from computer or cell phone, and gives real-time remote alerts.

Advanced Communications Services

Advanced Communications Services has been installing office security cameras and complete security systems in the entire Portland, Oregon area for decades. ACS is renowned for commitment to excellence and customer service. For the finest in office or workplace security service and technology, contact your Advanced Communications Services representative today!

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