Employee theft costs US companies, by CNBC report estimate, some $50 billion dollars a year. How is that even possible? An astonishingly large amount of total business theft losses are stolen or embezzled from inside companies, by employees. So, although perimeter security and public security are vital, an expensive security camera system that is watching just the public areas of your business is addressing only half of the problem. Instituting a strong network of company checks and balances, along with a complete inner, as well as outer, security system can greatly reduce business theft and embezzlement losses.

Ensure Employee Compliance

Office security cameras can also monitor employee compliance to company policies. Not only that, a substantial amount of the business losses mentioned above comes from inside inventory losses. Billions more are lost each year through fake accident claims by employees and others. An office security camera system can help prevent these losses and provide documentation of any unexpected event occurrence. That documentation can offer legal protection from phony lawsuits and scams.

24/7 Live Access To Your Business

Not only do office security camera systems deter or prevent theft, they allow the business owner to keep an eye on his or her business 24/7. An owner can access live footage of any area of their business anytime, from anywhere, on any portable device. Wish you were there to keep an eye on things? You can be, from anywhere in the country. And, of course, security video can be saved for later examination or for legal purposes. Security system footage is often the best witness to criminal activity.

The Latest Security Camera Technology

The latest in technology is available these days. security camera system can help you control business access. Outstanding digital quality is standard even in lower light environments. High resolution 180 to 360 degree panoramic views are available. Face capture, human and vehicle detection are possible. CCTV, CATV, and satellite video systems can be installed. Whatever the problem, a high tech solution usually exists to deal with it.

Office Security Cameras: A Smart Investment

An office security camera system will pay for itself and more, in almost all cases. These systems ensure employee and workplace security, prevent theft and accident scam losses, and can help monitor workplace compliance. All of these functions are especially vital to businesses these days. Protect yourself from employee theft and other losses with a complete expert security analysis by Advanced Communications Services.

Advanced Communications Services of Portland, Oregon

Advanced Communications Services is a leader in the security system field, known for its cutting edge technology use and commitment to customer service. An Advanced Communications Services representative can explain the many available system features to get you exactly what you want and need for your Portland, Oregon, area business office security camera system. Secure your business with an industry leader. Contact us today!

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/12/workplace-crime-costs-us-businesses-50-billion-a-year.html

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