Data Center Cabling and Wi-FI Access Point Installation in Orlando, FL

Whatever your business is, communications and information technology likely play an important role. Rapid and reliable communications and pertinent, timely information are absolutely vital in today’s complex business environment. Advanced Communications Services in Orlando, Florida, is a leader in both areas. We utilize the expertise gained in our business to help you stay a leader in yours!

Data Center Cabling

One Advanced Communications Services specialty is Data Center Cabling. Data Center Cabling is the workhorse of your IT department. The latest and best in technology doesn’t always cost more, but even when it does, increased performance often offsets those additional costs. Data cabling options vary according to your need and system. ACS installs all types of cable, including Coaxial, Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Fiber Optic. Advanced Communications Services installs both complete systems and system component such as switches, routers, data racks, and cabling. Technicians are highly trained and follow all industry standards, as set by EIA/TIA and the National Electrical Code.

Wi-Fi Access Point Installation

One vital communication function for almost any company is the Wi-Fi access point. Most Wireless Access Points (WAPs) have a range that extends outside the physical access area. This means security is absolutely essential. Various protocols work to ensure security, but if your system is more than a few years old, your system likely should be updated. ACS utilizes high power transmitters and very sensitive receivers to maximize coverage and lower cost. Line-of-sight, point-to-point, or point-to multi point networks can be implemented. A consultation with your Advanced Communications Services representative can help you determine the most effective Wi-Fi installation type for your organization.

Advanced Communications Services of Orlando, Florida

Advanced Communications Services has been a recognized leader in the Pacific Northwest in the communications, data cabling, and security fields since 1985. ACS is proud to bring our expertise and commitment to customer service to the Orlando, Florida, area. Contact Advanced Communications Services today for all your Data Center and Wi-Fi Access Point Installation needs!


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