What’s the most important aspect of your business? No matter what you make, buy, or sell, communication is vital. Business runs on the wheels of communication. It’s no accident that our company name is Advanced Communications Services, Inc. An important part of communication is having the right phone system for your particular business. At Advanced Communications Services our friendly, expert representatives can help you explore phone system options!

Orlando Business Phone Systems

Your phone communication system is vital, as are your computer communications. Your best move is to consult an expert to determine the best business phone system for your particular needs. Many businesses nowadays utilize hosted VoIP Phone System solutions. They offer advantages such as lower cost, scalability, cloud-based security, and low maintenance. These systems are less expensive, but are internet reliant and should likely be backed up by traditional service. When it comes to safeguarding your company communications, and those especially vital communications with your clients, utilizing the belt and suspenders approach is often the best course. That way, you know your vital operations continue to operate.

Advanced Communications Services: Your Communications Experts!

Whether you need Hosted VoIP or PBX, Advanced Communications Services utilizes the finest current telephone system technology, and we customize your business phone system to fit your needs. We back our sales up with knowledge, service, and genuine friendliness and care for you, our customer. We are your one-stop shop to solve all communications needs. We started out in the Northwest in 1985 and quickly established a stellar reputation in all aspects of the communications and security fields. We continue that tradition of excellence in our Orlando, Florida, offices. From customer consultation to new equipment installation and maintenance, we are industry leaders. Contact one of our communications experts today at Advanced Communications Services, for a free consultation!


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