Phone System Repair Service for Portland

 How important is phone system repair in Portland? Important! The modern world is all about information and its communication. So it’s vital for your business to purchase and maintain systems that allow you to communicate: across the company, to your partners and suppliers, and with your customers. In this age of instant communication reliability is key. Advanced Communications Services can help you keep those lines of communication open and working.


Is your communication equipment functioning properly? Is it doing everything it should? Is your system adequate to demand and up-to-date technologically? Advanced Communications Services can schedule a consultation with you to check your system out. Advanced Communications Services will examine all aspects of your communications system, from Cabling to PBX Hosting to VoIP. We’ll point out beneficial opportunities to make your system more cost effective and efficient. That efficiency will save you money.

Repair and Maintenance

Perhaps your system is acting up and repairs are needed now. Advanced Communications Services, Inc. will dispatch highly trained service technicians promptly to solve your problem. The Licensed Technicians are knowledgeable of the latest EIA/TIA and National Electric Code standards. The latest in testing equipment can find faults or flaws in your system quickly. Speed is definitely of the essence if your sales or company communications are handled by phone. Advanced Communications Services will use all possible resources to get your communication system fully operational as quickly as possible.

Advanced Communications Services, Inc.

Advanced Communications Services, Inc. is in the forefront of the modern communications industries. We specialize in all aspects, from system replacement to implementation of entirely new systems to phone system repair. Broad knowledge of equipment and highly trained technicians permit the analysis and repair of any phone system problem quickly and safely. Rapid, reliable communication is essential in the modern business environment. Advanced Communications will get your equipment working and ensure it stays that way! Advanced Communications Services, Inc. services not only Portland, but Longview, Vancouver, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, and the Coast. Contact Advanced Communications Services, Inc. today for any and all phone system repair needs.


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