Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office Telephone System?  

Does your company need improved office telephone system performance and cost? In the modern competitive business environment, company communications are vital! A number of terrific, innovative office telephone system possibilities are now available.

Voice Mail and VoIP Options

Voice mail, for example, is no longer just voice mail. It can record conversations, allow private mailboxes for personnel or guests, screen calls, give wake up calls, show caller IDs, give email notifications, and much more! Wireless phones can be a great addition to onsite communications. Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol systems are now viable in many areas. The VoIP systems utilize your existing computer network for phone services. They are often very economical due to the minimal necessary new equipment investment. Cloud storage backs up these systems, making them secure and almost completely disaster proof. And your in-house IT can control access, support, and administration. VoIP systems do have certain drawbacks, however. Other systems which utilize internet broadband can interfere with signals. Extreme weather can also sometimes interrupt service.

Possible Office Telephone System Choices

Perhaps the more traditional PBX landline system better fits your organizational needs. But there are ways to upgrade your equipment and wiring that keep you in the forefront technologically without breaking the company pocketbook. A hybrid system utilizing these options could combine benefits and minimize the downside of any one choice. Perhaps a Hosted VoIP system with PBX backup would ensure flexibility and total reliability. This might be a time to get creative and think outside the box. Better communication tools often pave the pathway to success.

Advanced Communications Services, Inc.

Another smart move is to consult industry experts for advice concerning your communication needs. Advanced Communications Services partners with NEC business phone systems and other manufacturers to offer the finest in quality equipment and unmatched service. Advanced Communications Services is a recognized authority on office telephone systems. Contact an Advanced Communications Services representative today to upgrade your company telephone system to state of the art!

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