How Does a Security Camera System Work?

A security camera system has become the standard for providing safety and security in commercial properties. They provide an added element of monitoring that helps companies detect unethical or illegal activity occurring on the property by either an employee or a burglar. With security cameras, an individual or group can clearly be identified on site in real-time. Below, we go over how a security camera works and how it benefits a company.

Capturing the Image

The primary function of a security camera system is to capture live footage of activity that is going on inside or outside the premises of a commercial property. Thus, the quality of the camera and how will it can capture live video in any scenario is vital. For instance, advanced technology allows cameras to clearly view any image during the daytime or at night when vision and focus are limited. LPR cameras are setup to pick up fast moving objects such as vehicles at up to 100 mph with absolute clarity. If you need additional features, cameras can now count people in the room and also provide face detection.

Delivering the Image

Once a video is captured, it must be delivered or processed to a device. There are essentially two ways of doing this: wired and wireless. Wired cameras use different types of cables depending on the file size or quality of the video being processed, the length of delivery of the video from camera to device, and the kind of device being used. Keep in mind that the original footage is created in what is called a ‘raw’ or ‘out of the can’ file. The size of the file is usually large and has to be condensed or compressed to playback in certain scenarios.

Storing the Image

Once an image is taken, it then needs to be stored. This is where storage devices come in. Today’s technology allows files to be properly named, edited, catalogued, and placed in designated files for easy access. Software is available for large-scale streaming and live viewing in real-time. You can also view live or stored video on HD monitors that deliver an image with outstanding quality.

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