The first thing to know is there’s a lot more to small business office security camera systems than loss prevention. Security cameras do prevent or deter theft. That’s certainly true. And loss prevention is especially essential for Orlando small businesses today. Also, a security camera system can let the Portland owner keep an eye on his or her business 24/7. An owner can access live footage of any area of their business anytime, from anywhere, on any portable device.

Secondly, security camera systems can help the owner keep an eye on the inner workings of the business. The office security camera systems have the capacity to monitor every square foot of your business. Such a system can monitor employee compliance to company policies, for instance, help preserve inventory, and provide documentation of any unexpected event occurrence. This documentation can help limit legal liability in workplace accidents.

But that’s not nearly all. Perhaps the most important thing to know about small business security camera systems is that many technologies are available these days. A security camera can help you control access to your business, even take the temperature of the person entering. Facial recognition technology is now available. Some security cameras basically can see in the dark, with low light resolution. Or provide a panoramic view. Some can even recognize license plate numbers. The security camera system can provide real-time alerts of unexpected events, wherever you are.

One final thing to know about security camera systems is that, besides the peace of mind they give, they usually pay for themselves, often many times over. Loss prevention, employee and workplace security, and workplace compliance monitoring are vital to small businesses. If a security camera system isn’t being utilized in your business yet, it almost certainly should be. Advanced Communications Services can explain the many available system features and get you exactly what you want and need for your Portland, Oregon, small business office security camera systems.


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