Upgrade Your Phone System and Save Money in Orlando

Do you know what time it is? In Orlando, Florida, it’s time to upgrade your phone system and save money! Besides saving money, which is always great, there are a number of other important factors to consider. Let’s look at some of these factors and ways you can save with a phone system upgrade.

Unappreciated Customer Syndrome

We bet you’ve experienced this: You’ve been a loyal customer of a company for years. Yet, you look around and other companies are offering deals that seem a lot better than the one your company has. Why? Well, for one thing, perhaps your telco is regulated and required to charge certain amounts for some services. Or perhaps they have a revenue stream that they can’t afford to lose in customers like you. So they offer new customers great deals and get existing customers to pay their freight. What can you do?


You don’t want to make any sudden, hasty moves that leave your business in the lurch. You need a company that not only delivers pricewise, but also provides expertise and a commitment to service. One way to make sure that’s true is to check the company reputation. Look at testimonials from local and national customers. Read reviews on websites by satisfied customers.

What are other advantages when you upgrade your phone system now?

Technology doesn’t stand still. It’s constantly changing for the better. The phone system communication improvements in just the last few years are significant and rich in features. These features alone can be reason enough to upgrade! Advanced Communications Services, Inc. partners with NEC and others to bring you the latest and best technologies. Perhaps you are utilizing a PBX hosted system. These systems are terrific and reliable but can be costly. You may be able to augment certain communications areas of your business at a lesser cost. Perhaps a VoIP system that utilizes your data center will give you the extra security of having a secondary communication network at a very inexpensive price. Fully integrated wireless telephones that match your particular application are another popular and useful option.

Customer Service

When you deal with Advanced Communications Services, you get the best of all possible worlds. You can save money and improve your technology at the same time. Not only that, you can do it with a company that combines years of communications system expertise and unparalleled customer service. Contact Advanced Communications Services in Orlando, Florida, to upgrade your phone system and save money today!

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