Wired Wi-Fi Access Points in Your Warehouse and Loading Docks  

Warehouses and loading docks are the vulnerable spots where business losses are most likely to occur. They are high traffic areas, also, with visitors often present. For these reasons, warehouse and loading dock communications and security are especially vital. Sufficient numbers of wired Wi-Fi access points for secure connections and uninterrupted communications are absolutely essential.

Physical Challenges and Dead Spots

The biggest retailers use wired Wi-Fi access points for a number of reasons. The way that goods are often stacked to the ceiling can make Wi-Fi reception difficult and variable. Reliable point of sale inventory control is the most cost effective and efficient way to keep track of stock. Physical entrance and exit control is critical. Uninterrupted service, without dead spots, is a must. Installing an adequate number of Wi-Fi access points to ensure business operations run smoothly and securely just makes good business sense.

Reducing Loading Dock and Warehouse Theft

Loading dock theft is rampant. Loading docks and warehouse areas are also high-accident-occurrence areas. Employees and outsiders often both access these areas to stock or remove goods. Visitor, or driver, movement should be restricted. Comprehensive surveillance systems coupled with multiple wired Wi-Fi access points are especially important in these areas. Access points must be securely placed, as well.

Necessary Security Practices

Stringent security practices are needed along with the best and latest technology. Customers or visitors should never be allowed to roam unsupervised in the loading docks or warehouse areas. Receiving and pick-up spaces should be separated. Updatable entrance and computer security access are a necessity. A periodic security survey should be undertaken to review all security and communications technology and practices. Your security system is only as secure as its weakest link.

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