Wireless Access Points for Business: Why You Need to Upgrade Now  

You likely already have wireless access points in your business Wi-Fi network. Almost every business does these days. But are you getting the maximum benefit from your wireless network system? There are a number of reasons why upgrading your wireless access points is essential. Here are some of the most important:

Wireless Access Points for Business: Security

The first, and likely most important, reason to upgrade is security. Most Wireless Access Points (WAPs) have a range that extends farther than the actual physical access to the system permits. Wireless traffic encryption has been used for years to stop unwanted access to these systems. But the hacker technology has improved almost as quickly as the technology for the systems. If your system is more than a few years old, your encryption security system is likely out of date and should be updated to the latest and most secure.

Better Communication Performance

Another important reason to upgrade your wireless access points for business has to do with the speed with which technology changes. If you are utilizing a system more than a few years old, you are not getting the performance that newer systems provide. Newer systems utilize wider RF bandwidth, more MIMO spatial streams, and high-density modulation to give greater multi-station throughput. High-power output and increased radio sensitivity may permit greater area coverage at lower cost, with less equipment.

Advanced Communications Services, Inc.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in this case, Advanced Communications Services can do much more than upgrade your wireless access points for business, although that is certainly vital for today’s business communications. Advanced Communications Services is a recognized leader in the security, cabling, and communications fields. Advanced Communications Service can consult with you to improve all facets of security and communications. Contact Advanced Communications Services today for wireless access point upgrades, VoIP or PBX phone solutions, surveillance and alarm system installations, or any data network and cabling needs.

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