Are wireless access points for office areas important? You bet your business they are! Today’s business person knows that communication turns the wheels of progress. It makes things happen. And that doesn’t mean hit or miss, dead spot, catch-me-if-you-can communications. It means those absolutely necessary contacts in offices, halls, meeting rooms, warehouses, loading docks, outside, or anywhere else your company does business.

Wireless Access Points For Office

Well, isn’t that what cell phones are for? There is no doubt that the cell phone was a tremendous communication leap forward. But even the mighty cell has its flaws. What if you lose reception or have dead spots? With sufficient wireless access points in all areas of your business, that’s no problem. You can set your Wi-Fi system up to place and receive calls using VoIP services, if desired.

What About Other Areas, Like Loading Docks and Warehouses?

A sufficient number of access points in the warehouse permits reliable point-of-sale inventory control. Access points at the loading dock secure entrances and exits and, coupled with good surveillance cameras, reduce theft. Properly placed Wi-Fi access points are essential for all communications inside the company to ensure smooth operations.

What About the Internet?

Of course, complete communication coverage is just an additional bonus to sufficient wireless access points for office Wi-Fi systems. Chances are, your company does business on the Internet.  Selling direct, cutting overhead, advertising your product, getting the word out to buyers and members of your team nearby or around the globe. Where do you need sufficient wireless access points for office use? In short, everywhere you do business.

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So don’t fool around. Settle only for the absolute best in Wi-Fi coverage, with state of the art wireless access points, installed by the leading commercial electrical contractor in the Portland area. At Advanced Communications Services, communication is our business. Contact an ACS representative today to review your company’s communications system and ensure its continued excellence!


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