Here are 5 great reasons why now is the best time to rewire office data and security systems:

  1. Old wiring becomes unstable and unreliable. It can even deteriorate into a dangerous fire hazard.
  2. Not only that, wiring issues can affect the performance of the connected components.
  3. Technology changes and improves constantly. It makes good personal and/or business sense to stay current.
  4. It’s a great opportunity to assess and improve, if necessary, your overall system function.
  5. The long-term benefits usually far outweigh the costs.

Rewire Office Data Center Cabling

Data Center Cabling is the heart of your office computer or office IT departmentIncreased performance may more than offset those additional installation and upgrade expenses. Data cabling options to rewire office include Coaxial to Cat 6 to Fiber Optic to Plenum and more, depending upon function. Fiber Optic cable, for example, has much more information carrying capacity than Cat 6 cable. A complete system rewire should examine the system components as well.

Keep Office Data and Security System Components Current

The Wi-Fi access point is vital to computer access and security. Your Wireless Access Points (WAPs) usually have a range that extends outside the physical access area. If your system is more than a few years old, an update is likely needed. Security system camera wiring, patch or distribution box wiring, cable modem, and phone system wiring should all be updated periodically to ensure the technology and standards of operation remain what they should be.

Advanced Communications Services, Inc.

For your security, cabling, and communications needs, it’s vital that your installation company be experienced and qualified. Advanced Communications Services has expert technicians, trained and knowledgeable in all EIA/TIA and National Electrical Code standards. ACS specializes in low voltage wiring of all kinds. For all of these reasons, the best time to rewire office data and security systems is right now! Contact your Advanced Communications Services representative today to set up a free consultation

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